Construction & Standards:
Ran Power Transformers are designed according to the Requirement of individual owner. Conforming internationally recognized standard such as IEC 76, BSS171, ANSI 57.12, and VDE 0532.Ran Power offers a wide range of Distribution and Power Transformers to meet the requirements of power distribution in factories, utilities, industries, commercial buildings etc.

The Core is built of grain oriented cold rolled silicon steel for low no-load losses and to reduce noise levels. Yoke laminations are clamped between steel frames with core clamping bolt, the frames also support the windings through end ‘blocks and rings. The construction ensures low magnetizing current.

High voltage coil up to 33KV is in use class is continuous disc wound or cross over type and paper insulated copper conductor is in use. Low voltage coils are normally larger layer wounds with paper insulated. Copper conductor’
High voltage coils for 132KV class are interleaved or interhided disc wound with paper insulated copper conductor’

Core-coil Assembly:
The design of the winding supports and spacer enable the windings to withstands the radial as well as loop stress in the outer winding and compressive stress in the inner winding.

Tapings are adjusted by off load tap changer in case of distribution transformer of 11KV class and assembled from top cover. Power transformer of 33KV class, assembled on top of core -coil assembly. On load tap changers are for power transformers to cater for voltage variation when the transformer is on load condition.

Tank & Cover:
Mild steel sheet made tanks and covers are fabricated by welding. The tank is tested under pressure to detect any leakage. Tanks are mechanically strong for housing the core-coil assembly.

Pressed steel radiators are specially made from ‘D’ grade CRCA sheets. The individual element and radiator under is assembled condition is tested with air pressure or approximately 3 kg per square cm.

Product Features:
• Quality Assured
• Competitive Price
• Designed for engineering efficiency
• After Sales Service
• Mounting & Moving Facility
• Warranted
Warranty: 2 years from the date of delivery**

Test are carried out rigorously at every of assembly. Transformers are qualified for dispatch after successful completion of routine test as per BS 171/1970 or IEC 76.

Routine Test:
• Insulation resistant measurement
• Measurement of voltage ratio and voltage vector relationship checkup
• Measurement of winding resistance
• No load current and no load loss measurement 90%,1000/,,150% of rated voltage
• Measurement of impedance, voltage and measurement of load loss.
• Separate source voltage withstand test
• induced voltage withstand test
• Di-electric strength of oil
• Oil leakage test for transformer tank