PFI Plant:
Power factor improvement plant or PFI is design for reducing the gap between real power and apparent power. The Inductive load such as transformer, induction motors etc. are because the low power factor. Low Power Factor creates some disadvantage such as large copper lose, larger line drop, bigger conductor size required, reducing handling capacity larger copper lose etc.

In this case to solve the problems above we offer you the best quality PFI plant. Which is designed correspondingly by microprocessor based PFC (Power Factor Correction) relay up to 14 stages from 6 stage. Wide range of capacitor of different ratings (2.5, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50 Kvar) and corresponding Magnetic Contactor for suitable stepping of the Capacitor bank. In addition we are ensure our client not only the best quality but also the original products.

Main Benefits:

  • 14/16 SWG steel fabricated powder coated free standing or wall mount PFI enclosure.
  • Customized design as per customer requirements.
  • Arc flash ProfDead front constructor with bottoms cover.
  • Ease of maintenance with 100% accessibility from the front.
  • Reduced operational expenditure.
  • 99% pure copper bus bar.

Comparatively best economic price.

Why it is essesntial:
High voltage coil up to 33KV is in use class is continuous disc wound or cross over type and paper insulated copper conductor is in use. Low voltage coils are normally larger layer wounds with paper insulated. Copper conductor’
High voltage coils for 132KV class are interleaved or interhided disc wound with paper insulated copper conductor’

Construction features:
The design of the winding supports and spacer enable the windings to withstands the radial as well as loop stress in the outer winding and compressive stress in the inner winding.

Technical data:
Tapings are adjusted by off load tap changer in case of distribution transformer of 11KV class and assembled from top cover. Power transformer of 33KV class, assembled on top of core -coil assembly. On load tap changers are for power transformers to cater for voltage variation when the transformer is on load condition.

Product Features:
Mild steel sheet made tanks and covers are fabricated by welding. The tank is tested under pressure to detect any leakage. Tanks are mechanically strong for housing the core-coil assembly.