Construction Details:
The tap changer unit can be divided into two chambers i.e. the selector switch and the drive mechanism chambers; housed in a sheet metal enclosure. The selector switch is separated from the drive mechanism by a metal sheet. The fixed contacts are mounted on the phase boards of the selector switch, over which the moving contact moves and selects the tap. This is carried out in all the phases by a selector switch. The selector switch combines the function of tap selector and diverter switch. It carries a main contact and an auxiliary contact. The drive mechanism is coupled to the selector switch by drive shaft and series of gears. It also consists of an energy storage device whose sudden release of energy drives the selector switch.

Mounting On Transformer:
The tap changer is mounted on the transformer by taking out leads via the epoxy cast terminal board of the tap-changer, which is a part of RPE supply.

Technical Details:
OLTC type ABS11 is a 3 phase, single compartment, externally mounted on load tap changer. This OLTC works on the principle of high speed transition resistance and is suitable for application at all locations of 11KV star and delta connected transformers. The tap changer follows the principle of making it suitable for uni directional flow of power. It has a maximum current and voltage ratings of 200A and 12KY respectively and can give a maximum of 17 positions under linear arrangement. Thus the OLTC can be applied to a winding of 16 steps to give 17 different voltages. The compact design, less maintenance and less selector switch oil requirement adds advantage to this tap changer.
Technical Data:

  • Maximum voltage: 12KY / 36 KV
  • Rated through current: 200A
  • Rated step voltage: 300V / 900V
  • Rated insulation level: 28KV/60KV power freq and 75KV /170KV impulse
  • Max no of tapping positions: 17 with linear arrangement
  • Tapping arrangement: linear
  • Cycle of transition: Asymmetric pennant cycle
  • Weight of OLTC with oil: 610 kg (approx.)
  • Oil content: 245 ltr (approx.)

Product Features:

  • Quality Assured
  • Competitive Price
  • Designed for Engineering Efficiency
  • After Sales Service
  • Mounting & Moving Facility
  • Warranted