Ran Power LT Switchgear system with provision of probable extension or modification is an outcome of long experience and effort. Access to connections in the cubicle is either from the front or the rear. The switchgear is installed in fixed and sometimes in draw-out chassis which normally:

  • Circuit breakers for control & protection of circuits
  • Contractors for control & protection of electric motors as per requirement of the owner.
  • Switches & fuse switches can be associated with other devices
  • Automatic and control devices inclusive of speed variator for ac/dc electric motors, electromagnetic or static relays, programmable controllers and reactive power regulator may be associated as required.
  • Capacitors for power factor corrections
  • Metering

Basic Function:
* Controlling or Switching
* Protection (overload, short circuit, or an electrical fault)
* Status reading (current, voltage, frequency)
* Power distribution

Product Features:

  • Quality Assured
  • Competitive Price
  • Designed for Engineering Efficiency
  • After Sales Service
  • Mounting & Moving Facility
    Warranty: 2 Years from the date of delivery**

Electrical Specification:

  • Rated Voltage: Up to 660V
  • Rated Current (Incoming) : Up to 6300A

(Outgoing): according to requirement

  • Breaking Capacity: 16KA, 20KA,25KA,36KA,50 KA,
  • Basic impulse Level (BIL) :2.8KA
  • Frequency:2.8KY

Panel Dimension:

  • Height: 1910-2375 mm
  • Width: 700-1600mm
  • Depth: 1000mm

* depends on customer requirement

Rated Current of Components:

  • Circuit breakers: Up to 6300A
  • DOL Contactor starters; Up to 400A
  • Contactor type star-delta starters: UP to 700 A
  • Cable or BBT connection: Conductor entry from Top, Bottom, Top and Bottom, Single side or both sides.

Main Feature of RPE LT Switchgear:

Construction (Metal frame): MS Sheet

Paint: Powder coating (Siemens Gray) at high temperature
Bus bar: BRB NNY Cable 800/1000Volts (Black) or equivalent

Specification: Plain annealed copper conductor PVC insulated and PVC sheathed Single cable. Suitable use for indoors, outdoors, underground and water for continuous permissible service voltage of 720 to 1200V.