Construction & Standards:
The VCB, MOCB, LBS, SF6 circuit breaker and the switchboards are of optimized, design for Bangladeshi supply condition and ambient. The breaker and switchboards are of compact design, sturdy construction and simple in operation with a proven motorized spring operated mechanism. This design ensures ease of operation, low cost maintenance and higher longevity. We are also using very high quality ring main unit (RMU) suitable for highly populated city like Dhaka for multiple feeders in incoming and outgoing. Auto Power HT Panels are equipped with Built-in mechanical interlocks for safety and the breaker compartment is so designed, that it ensures the inter changeability with the identical circuit breakers. The cubical design of 12KY, 25KV and 12504 is also compatible with our SF6 and minimum oil circuit breakers (MOCB). The panels are fully compartmentalized and extensible on both sides, consisting of bus bar chamber with adequate air clearances, PT compartment, CT and cable termination compartment, breaker compartment and metering chamber.

Construction features:
Cubicle is made of welded rectangular Sheet steel of 14l16 SWG. The front is provided with two sheet steel door of special locking device. Two view glasses integrated in the door to allow easy inspection of the switch position and other built in components. Relay Cabinet is mounted on the top of the cubicle above the front door which is completely separated by sheet steel from the circuit breaker part. Bus bar is made of rectangular insulated copper bars and rated for 6304. Interlocking System is provided with the isolator to protect the earthing switch to being closed while the isolator is in a closed position. Cable Entrance is usually provided in the bottom of the cubicle. Top entry can also be provided as per requirement of the owner.

Product Features:

  • Quality Assured
  • Competitive Price
  • Designed for Engineering Efficiency
  • After Sales Service
  • Mounting & Moving Facility

Warranty: 2 Years from the date of delivery*

Fixed Type:
VCB/LBS/SF6 Breaker is suitable for using in cubicle switchgear units. Such breaker is fixed of a switchgear or floor by bolting its base with it. If requested, fixed mounting S6 breaker /VCB/ LBS may be provided with wheels which make its movement easier. Connections between the breaker and incoming as well as outgoing bus bars are made directly and kept fixed. The terminal arrangement of fixed mounting breaker is such that connections to various are made in the following manner:

Main Connection: By Bolts
Control Connection: By Screws
Earth Connection: By Screws

Draw Out Type:

  • VCB/SF6 breaker is mounted on a cradle. The complete unit may be providing with shutter of front cover. This SF6 Breaker/VCB along with the cradle can be easily installed inside a switchgear compartment without any need of mechanical adjustment. The interlock of the draw out mechanism type and its special features are as follows:

    The circuit breaker cannot be placed in or withdrawn from its cradle when it is in closed position.
    The circuit breaker cannot be operated at the time of inserting the cradle.

Basic Functions:
High voltage (11KV) controlling or switching
Protection (Over load, short circuit, earth fault or any electric fault)
Status reading (Current, voltage, frequency)
The design of the winding supports and spacer enable the windings to withstands the radial as well as loop stress in the outer winding and compressive stress in the inner winding.
Other Features:

Flexibility: The electrical devices in the units allow future changes ensuring modern design to ensure a high degree of diversity.
Simplicity in servicing: The mounting erection and commissioning is very simple. The devices which are out of service in the equipment are easily accessible.
Less space requirement: Reduced dimension is ideally suitable in restricting the space condition.

Testing of HT Switchgear:
Test before assembly:

  • CT Test
  • PT Test
  • IDMT relay test
  • Ammeter test
  • Volt meter test

Test after assembly:

  • Wiring test
  • Overall performance test
  • Continuity test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Final check up

Equipment used:

  • LBS (F&G, Germany)
  • VCB (ABB, VSS 12 from Italy)
  • CT/PT (Siemens, Jewess, Italy, China)
  • DMT, Relay (Omron, Japan/GEPA, Turkey)
  • Ammeter, Voltmeter (Rise Sun, Taiwan, Turkey)

IEC 298, VDE101
IEC 622271-100/102/200

Specification of HT Switchgear:

Max. System Voltage 12KV 36KV 12KV 121KV 36 KV
Rated Current 6304-1250A 630-1250A 630A 630A-12504 630A-1250A
Short time Current ratings for 3 sec. 20-25KA 20KA 18.1 KA 20-25KA 20KA-25KA
Basic impulse level 75 KV 170 KV 75KV 75 KV 170 KV
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage 28KV 70 KV 28 KV 28 KV 70KV
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz 50Hz