Ran power supplies a wide range of Distribution and Power Transformers to meet the requirements of power distribution in factories, utilities, industries, commercial buildings etc.

The Transformer ranges are:
-50kVA – 5 MVA Capacity
-33kV, 11kV, 6.6kV Distribution
Transformers of any vector group.
-Oil Immersed-Natural Cooling (ONAN)
-No-load and On Load tap changer for both outdoor and indoor type.

Variation of voltage can have detrimental effects on Utilities and their customers. To prevent customer complaints, loss of revenue due to sub-normal voltage, and increased costs due to higher line lossesIdeally the distribution lines should to be able to keep the whole line of constant voltage,  but  in actual , the impedance of the distribution line will result in that the voltage  of end and terminal is no the same .The actual voltage from the rated voltage of the circuit size is an important measure of power quality, also is a important guarantee of power supply reliability and voltage quality. three phase voltage regulator is used at the end of transmission line to keep power supply voltage at rated voltage.